Broken Radio Episode 517


Here it is, the last episode of 2016. Broken Radio is going out with bang, ready to bang out. In this episode we predict who’s going to croak w/ “The 2017 Broken Radio Dead Pool”. JTG is back from Mehico, he’s got some tales to tell, we talk local hiphop concerts with Bryce Cube, SRP pops the bubbly and we induct another hiphop icon into “The Broken Radio Hiphop Hall of Fame”. Let’s get it crackin’, hit play on the podcast and rock your jingle balls into the new year.

Demigodz feat. Apathy, Motive, Esoteric, Celph Titled & Open Mic – Dumb High

D-Styles & MC Unite (Prod. by Mr. Henshaw) – Armageddon Intro w/ No Vacation

DJ Qbert feat. Mr. Lif & Malicious Lee (Prod. by El-P) – OG BBOY

A Tribe Called Quest feat. Andre 3000 – Kids

Z-Man feat. DJ Quest – Yeah That’s The Relly

Danny Brown – When It Rain

Beastie Boys – Here’s A Little Something For Ya

R.A. The Rugged Man- Stanley Kubrick

Run The Jewels – Oh Mama

See you in 2017 kiddos!!!

Broken Radio Episode 33


Broken Radio returns for another month of amazing programming!  World Famous Beat Junkie and Invisibl Skratch Pikl DJ D-Styles graces us with a drop at the beginning of the show, we honor the latest inductee into The Broken Radio Hiphop Hall of Fame, JTG and Mr. Lane face-off in The Great John Ritter Debate, The Brew Review puts Broken Record IPA from 54°40′ Brewing Company to the test, and SRP buys a very unfortunate shirt.  We’re just getting started on our quest for world hiphop podcast domination – buckle up and prepare for take-off!

A Tribe Called Quest – We the People….
Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman (Lice) – Oatmeal Cookies
CZARFACE – Two In The Chest
People Under The Stairs – After These Messages
Run The Jewels feat. BOOTS – 2100
Viktor Vaughn – Mr. Clean
Oddisee – Counter Clockwise
La Coka Nostra – Dark Day Road
Chino XL feat. Kool Keith – The Shabba-Doo Conspiracy
Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance

***SPOILER ALERT*** click here if you just listened to EP33 and want to see SRP’s shirt

Broken Radio Episode 32


We did it America!  Two consecutive new episodes – oh lordy.  There is so much good stuff waiting for you on this episode!  We return with our “Hit Or Shit” segment after 4+ years, JTG and Kung-Fu Joe both pay us a visit, Raq buys us all Slurpees and flips the Rocky soundtrack on “Beat Kitchen“, and we introduce a brand new segment titled “The Broken Radio Hall of Fame“.  Holy shit that’s a lot of goodness!  Get read for October’s dose of funky hiphop, please do not operate heavy machinery while listening to Episode 32.  BROKEN!

Tracklist (in order of appearance):

Vince Staples feat. A$AP Rocky – Prima Donna
Action Bronson – Galactic Love (Prod. by Alchemist)
Jonwayne feat. Anderson Paak – Green Light
Illa J – Spiders (Prod. by Calvin Valentine)
UGK – Diamonds & Wood
Anarchy (北岡健太) – Fate
Fabreze Brothers – Fashion Plate
Figg Panamera – Waking Up My People
Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (feat. Method Man) – Bulletproof Love
MF DOOM & RZA – Books of War (Prod. by Omegah Red)
Spark Master Tape — One Army One
Donald Trump – Grab Her In The Pu$$y

Broken Radio Episode 31


1380 days in the making, the boys at Broken Radio have returned for Season 3.  There’s a lot to catch up on so buckle-in for an 80 minute sonic adventure.  We couldn’t stay away forever…BROKEN RADIO IS BACK!

Tracklist (in order of appearance):

Aesop Rock – Lotta Years
Zack de la Rocha – Digging For Windows
Locksmith – Illuminati
De La Soul feat. Roc Marciano – Property of
Mobb Deep – Cradle To The Grave
DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak
Rittz feat. Mike Posner – Switch Lanes
Method Man – World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)
People Under the Stairs – Acid Raindrops

Broken Radio Episode 30



Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last episode of Broken Radio. From our humble beginnings in 2006, to our untimely death on 12/21/12, Broken Radio has been the Pacific Northwest’s #1 hiphop podcast. Excuse me…THE WORLD’S #1 HIPHOP PODCAST! Come with us for a magic carpet ride, while we do this sh*t…one last time. The cast is MAJOR this episode with appearances by SRP, Mr. Lane, DZO, Android, Raqnaphobic, JTG, Bed Sheet Ghost, Shrapnel, Hallucinathan, Israel “What It Iz?” Lastra, and with his first/last appearance on BR the mighty Code Master.

We talk about times gone by, play a lot of old clips, slap some hiphop slappers, discuss dead people in the “2013 Broken Radio Dead Pool”, listen to the final BEAT KITCHEN everrrr, and make fun of Kanye. What more could you want???

It’s the series finale of Broken Radio, pour out a little liquor.


Tracklist (in order of appearance):

Oh No feat. Erick Sermon – Runnin’ The Show
Binary Star – Honest Expression
Beastie Boys feat. Nas – Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version)
Funkdoobiest – Doobie To The Head
UGK – Da Game Been Good To Me
Heltah Skeltah – Twinz
Gift Of Gab feat. George Clinton & Latyrx – Everything Is Fine
Kool Keith – Goodbye Rap

Broken Radio Episode 29


On this episode Raq, Nate and SRP struggle for air as Broken Radio approaches it’s ultimate demise. Only two episodes left, so savor this sh*t like a fine wine kiddies. On today’s show we talk about our future, discuss the pros and cons of Garbage Pail Kids, SRP reviews Ninkasi’s “Lady of Avalon” dark lager in the BREW REVIEW, Raq chops-up Curtis Mayfield in THE BEAT KITCHEN, and Nate spills beer on everything. It’s a real hoot. Listen to this episode naked for added enjoyment.


Tracklist (in order of appearance):

Sean P – Title Track
Action Bronson (feat. RiFF RaFF SODMG) – Bird on a Wire
Devin The Dude – Highway
Wu Block (feat. Sheek Louch, Masta Killah, GZA & Erykah Badu) – Drivin Round
Tha Alkaholiks – Soda Pop
Grayskul (feat. Slug of Atmosphere & Aesop Rock) – The Office
Jurassic 5 – What’s Golden
Khujo Goodie – Still Kaps
Gangstarr (feat. Scarface) – Betrayal
Brother Ali – Won More Hit

Broken Radio Episode 28


Episode 28 has arrived!  This episode features the return of Kah-San, our Summer Jam 2012 recap, and Mr. Lane live in the studio!  It’s all here free for your consumption, stream the link above or download a free copy.  Also in this episode we vote on whether Homeboy Sandman is a “Hit or Shit”, Mr. Lane karate-kicks a young hooligan through a window, “Expendables 2” falls under our scrutiny in Broken Radio’s first movie review, and JabaDaKut flips another tasty track in “The Beat Kitchen”.  Only three episodes left (including this one) so you wont want to miss this.


Tracklist (in order of appearance):

Public Enemy – Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp
Madchild – Mongoloid
Digable Planets – Pacifics
Action Bronson – Barry Horowitz
Black Moon – Who Got da Props?
Blu & Exile – Berries & Juices
El-P – The Full Retard
Homeboy Sandman – The Miracle
JJ DOOM (MF DOOM) – Rhymin Slang



Episode 28* was scheduled to be on the air Friday the 7th, until THE MAN put a legal smackdown on our podcast!

It seems certain companies are afraid of our massive online following, they can’t handle the funk. They want to threaten us with dollar signs and cease and desist letters.  Sorry bub, this show will never die**, only multiply…

The world will hear the return of Kah-San!  The world will hear Mr. Lane LIVE from Eugene, OR! The world will hear Summer Jam 2012 and all of the homeless people asking me for change while I was interviewing mother f*ckers with a digital mic device!  The world will hear it all, this 4-day ban will not stand.  Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer is drafting an addendum that will allow us to drop Episode 28 in your fat little hands on Monday. Stay tuned my Broupies!



* Episode 28 is currently being tested on chimpanzees that have consumed bath salts

** the show is really, really, dying once we hit episode thirty (no joke)

BR27 final 700x700

Broken Radio Episode 27


This is it, our formal dedication to the Pac NW, our love-letter to E-Town. It’s Broken Radio Episode 27, the all-local hiphop music spectacular featuring the best-of-the-best in the Northwest! Rappers, MC’s, some girls singing, we got it…and now you can download this sumumabitch for free! Check the cover below for a listing of the artists involved, we’ll also have a complete tracklist posted to the website soon.  Special thanks to everyone who submitted tracks for this one.

In Episode 27 Bed Sheet Ghost visits from Los Angeles, Raq flips a “Paul Revere and the Raiders” track for our all local edition of THE BEAT KITCHEN, Android crunches the numbers, JTG keeps it real, Arizona Lane calls in, and I try to keep it moving. Also stay tuned for a SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT that might make you cry, it’s that shocking. BROKEN!!!


BR Wants You



We want your tracks for our next podcast! Episode 27 is all about celebrating the 541’s top talent, email us your MP3’s and you might be featured on our “all local” episode.   Broken Radio is a national podcast, we’re major, and right now we want the funk!!! Let’s keep it local, if you lived here and then moved away to Cali or whatever that’s cool too…we ain’t trippin’. Email your MP3’s submissions to the following address, and we’ll let you know if it will be featured (quality control ya dig?).



EP26 final

Broken Radio Episode 26


Episode 26 was recorded on 4/20/12 in a van, and it is van-fucking-tastic!

Never before attempted, we have achieved what other podcasts can only dream of, we went fully mobile. Join Broken Radio cast members Nathaniel Ingerham, Raqnaphobic, SRP, JTG, Andy the Android, Poophands, EL CHAPITAN, and the mighty Mr. Lane on an amazing journey in sound! Keeping with the 4/20 theme this episode is herbally enhanced, and each track has been cultivated, and trimmed to become the stickiest of icky inside your eardrums. We’ve got all the old school weed rap hits, and more adventure than a thousand Ewoks, it’s VAN DAMMAGE! Episode 26 is yours for the price of ass, grass, or cash (because nobody rides for free). BROKEN!



The cover to Broken Radio Episode 25 will strike fear in the hearts of most men. The contents of Episode 25 have already caused 7 miscarriages, two car crashes, and one power outage.  It’s the perfect disaster.

Gasp as SRP dares to review New Guinness® Black Lager in “The Brew Review“, cheer as we giveaway our first ever PRIIIIZE to our listeners, get mad at us for our review of Brother Ali’s new track in “Hit Or Shit“.  Plus we go behind the scenes and tell you the meaning behind every single nickname for every BR cast member whether you want to hear it or not.

It’s Broken Radio, what else should I be all apologies.




Broken Radio Episode 25


Well lookee what you found, Episode 25 of Broken Radio.  It’s March and we wanted to give back to our fans, so be sure and listen in for prizes this month.  We have all your favorite installments like “Hit or Shit“, “The Beat Kitchen“, and the edutaining “Brew Review with Shoe“.  I really want to type something funny but I was up all night, and now every time I close my eyes I see kittens.  That’s the price you have to pay to rule the internet.  Enjoy our new offering suckers!




Once again Broken Radio proves you don’t need talent or a budget to make a radio show. Episode 24 is a tour de force of nonsense, tattoos, and slander.

For people who have already started listening to this month’s installment, yes I lost the footage for our intro. All we have is that snippet you heard at the beginning. Not sure what went wrong, but our top podcast scientists are working around the clock to ensure that this doesn’t happen in future episodes.

Music on Episode 24 features Little Brother, Freddie Gibbs, KRS-ONE, Murs, Planet Asia + G_Force, and many more! Broken Radio, there’s nothing like it and we’re hoping that’s a good thing.

What are you waiting for? Stream us at your desk or download the full episode. No Beat Kitchen this month because Raqnaphobic is fired. Stay tuned next month when we hold auditions for his job, which may or may not have already been outsourced to India.

Episode 24 is brought to you by Subway; “Subway…it makes you poop.”




Broken Radio Episode 24


Episode 24 is now in your evil clutches! This month we talk about the world’s first ever Broken Radio tattoo, Raqnaphobic is scolded for his poor attendance, SRP comes thru with another NEW BREW REVIEW, and Mr. Lane tells you how to break into The Bijou. It’s more than your tiny brain can even imagine. If SOPA was a reality we would all probably be shipped off to Alcatraz. Stop by for the lulz, stay for the music…BROKEN!



It started out as a holiday card to our Facebook fans, and now it’s forever emblazoned in tattooed ink upon the calf of a mysterious man by the name of EL CHAPITAN.  Something amazing has happened Broken Radio gang, sit back while I spin you a tale of ink and gayness.

As a thank you to our listeners Broken Radio posted a holiday card to our Facebook page on 12/22.  The now infamous card features some ill photo-shoppery of Mr. Lane sitting on Santa’s lap sporting a speedo and a saxophone.  Take a moment to look at the pic and bask in it’s glory, but don’t gaze for too long, you might fall in love.

What followed was a torrent of LOL’s, ROFL’s, and guffaws as people around the world enjoyed a little Christmas fun at Mr. Lane’s expense.  But it didn’t stop at a funny JPEG, oh no, this image was about to reach an epic status of epicness.

EL CHAPITAN, or as most people know him, Aaron Chapman, loves to bust balls. He loves to bust Mr. Lane’s balls.  He is also the very person who procured the now infamous Wee-Man/Jackass shout-out at the beginning of Episode 23.  You’re going to learn a lot more about EL CHAPITAN when Broken Radio’s new season picks up next year, but now let’s focus our attention on the Christmas pic.  Ahhhh yes the wonderful Broken Radio Christmas pic.  EL CHAPITAN was so taken with this image that he had an idea; why not get a tattoo of Lanebo (and his speedo) for shits and giggles?  A TATTOO?  Isn’t that forever?!?  Forever-ever as Andre 3000 would say??? You’re damn right it’s forever!  EL CHAPITAN don’t give a shit.   EL CHAPITAN does what EL CHAPITAN wants to.

Fast forward to yesterday.  Poophands Boogerchest accompanied EL CHAPITAN to Black Magic Tattoos, and the rest is history.  Is it real?  You’re damn right it’s real. When reached for comment yesterday Poophands had this to say, “I’m a witness to it.  It’s the real deal…P.S. Lane’s gay.”  AMAZING!  We here at Broken Radio salute EL CHAPITAN!  You have truly outdone yourself and will forever have a free pass to any BR taping.  Which leads us to Episode 24.

Stay tuned for Episode 24 in January when the tatt hits the fan!  We’ll have EL CHAPITAN in studio, and Lanebo dialing in from Arizona over Skype.  Words will be said.  Shit will be talked.  It’s the ultimate kickoff to the new season of Broken Radio! Enjoy the pics below in all their glory.  Lanebo forever…literally.  Broken!



This officially ends our first season of episodes on  We deed it.  After a 3-year hiatus we came back with a vengeance, 7 episodes of pure unadulterated funk!  Appearances by Brotha Lynch Hung, Eli Porter, Gary The Retard, and most recently Jason Acuña aka Wee-Man.  We have zero budget, no ads on our website, and enough swag to make your grandma want to marry us.  This episode represents our entire year, and it’s been a good one.

6000+ hits to our site and we haven’t even started the heavy grinding.  Get excited. Be happy there are heroes like us on the internet providing quality entertainment and sucker-free hip hop all year long.

What’s gonna happen next year?  Only time can tell.  Until then ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…THE YEAR-ENDER BONER-BENDER EPISODE 23 in all it’s glory.  We love our fans long time.  Thank you for an amazing year and may all of your radios be broken.





Episode 23 of Broken Radio features an entirely new segment titled The New Brew Review (with Shoe).  Resident beer expert SRP aka Shoe Shane brings us a sampling of the world’s finest beers.  Through a series of quaffs and guzzles we determine if the beer is a hit or if it’s sh**…what wait a minute?!  Basically we judge beers and let you know if they’re good or not.  It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.  If you haven’t listened to Episode 23 yet click here and check out the new spot.  This month’s featured beer is Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale from Anderson Valley Brewing Company (6.90% ABV).  It was actually pretty awesome.  That’s right people it’s The New Brew Review (with Shoe), guaranteed to wet your whistle…ayoooo.  BROKEN!


Broken Radio Episode 23


This is it. The last episode of 2011 with a special introduction by Wee-Man of Jackass. Oh yeah you read that right.

It’s Episode 23 of BROKEN RADIO featuring the 2012 Dead Pool, our brand new segment The New Brew Review with Shoe, the always tasty Beat Kitchen, live coverage from this year’s Fall Classic with commentary from MackDub, Steel Trapp, Indo and many many more. Secrets are told. Lives are changed. This episode is larger than life at 1hr and 20mins. And oh did we mention that all of the music bangs too? Well it does. BROKEN!


Broken Radio Episode 22


God damn who knew MJ was steady dippin? Welcome to episode 22. We have a jampacked episode this month with special guest Bed Sheet Ghost (his first appearance since 2006).  We’re live from the real BEAT KITCHEN…Eric’s cheddar cheese and toenail palace.  JTG, SRP, and Android round out the cast as we discuss coyotes, Chinese words for penis, Mos Def (again), and I prank some poor sap at Fred Meyer.  Also featured in our “Hit Or Shit” corner is Immortal Technique’s new joint.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  It’s Broken Radio, you know what to do with it.  Jam it in your earhole!

*Mr. Lane and DZO do not appear in this episode due to contract negotiations


Broken Radio Episode 21


BROKEN RADIO is back from summer vacation with an amazing new episode!  Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only internet legend ELI PORTER is on our show this month, and we couldn’t be happier.  We have an exclusive interview with the man/myth so you wont want to miss it. Continue reading “Broken Radio Episode 21”



“in the realm of Hip-Hop Internet memes, Eli Porter is a don”

When Broken Radio returns in 3 weeks we’ll have an exclusive interview with internet legend Eli Porter!  Mr. “I Deed It” himself spoke with us earlier this week and you wont want to miss it.  Do your homework and watch his new documentary.  BROKEN!

People’s Champion: Behind the Battle

Broken Radio Episode 20


Behold…Episode 20 – The Crappening. This episode marks the return of Poophands Boogerchest, and oh what a return it is. It’s a full-on meat and cheese tray party with Mr. Lane, DZO, SRP, JTG, Hallucinathan, Raqnaphobic, Android, Hurt Hussey, and the Poopster. We discuss bacon, haboobs and wife-beating in AZ, a brand new gameshow “Hit or Shit” makes it’s debut, and we’re bursting at the seams with new music from local legends like Animal Farm and DZO.

What is “The Crappening”? Hit play on the link above, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Are you a fan of BEAT KITCHEN?  Want to hear what thousands of screaming schoolgirls in Japan are listening to today?  Stop by and visit the soundcloud site for our resident beatsmith Raqnaphobic!  Listen to the sounds of one of Pac NW’s most hidden talents, bask in the glory of auditory eargasms, gasp as you realize you will never be as tight as him.  If you like BEAT KITCHEN you’ll love his other work, give this brotha a chance and peep out his musical manifesto.  BROKEN!


Bacon, it’s been called “the candy of meats”.  An exquisite blend of salty and crunchy that satisfies our utmost primordial meat cravings.  But now it seems, bacon is my enemy.  You see, a few days ago I posted an image of delicious bacon sizzling in a pan:


Little did I know that this image would burn into the hearts of millions, this lone image of meat cooking, these mighty curly meat-strips, would topple our last episode (Episode 19) in terms of web traffic.  It seems everyone would rather stare hypnotically at bacon than download our 70-minute summertime episode (which can be found here).  Who is to blame?  Do we blame the bacon?  Bacon I can’t stay made at you!  There’s nobody to blame but ourselves, the bar has now been set EXTREMELY HIGH, Episode 20 will have to be more popular than the almighty king of pork products!  WE HAVE TO BEAT BACON!


Right now as you read this a team of scientists are scrambling to produce a formula for Episode 20 that will raise our web popularity above the level of bacon!  The scientific term Arvina Supernus or “above bacon” is a mathematical theory that we will be applying to the upcoming podcast, not only will Episode 20 release an endorphin in your brain identical to that experienced during bacon consumption, it will also produce a hearty aroma of meat smell when played in any iPod or personal audio device.


We have the tools, we know what we have to do, we must beat bacon.  Stay tuned next week when we debut Episode 20 in all it’s meaty glory.



Broken Radio Episode 19


It’s our SUMMERTIME BBQ BLOWOUT episode! DZO, SRP, Raqnaphobic, Android, JTG, Mr. Lane and Hallucinathan all pick their favorite summertime jams, also we have Gary The Retard and a special guest appearance from my Pops. All of this good stuff you don’t want to miss. Grab your wiener and a hotdog bun and hit play!